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When to cut down a tree

The A plus tree care corp is a very delicate issue to address and it is very likely that as citizens we do not know the reason for this activity in front of the trees that surround the metropolitan areas of a certain place. Cutting down a tree is a task that should only be carried out by specialists and professionals in environmental and forestry services, who know the preliminary planning, the subsequent process and the procedure in its entirety, so that the felling of trees is completely successful.

Cutting down a tree is good practice when you have the correct justification, which is completely different from deforestation, which should be illegal. The environmental area of ​​each region is in charge of regulating which trees can be cut down or not, under specific permits that must be issued for the legality of the procedure. A visit is also necessary to know the conditions of the tree and to determine if the felling is accepted or not.

At A plus tree care corp we specialize in the entire tree felling process, so we have listed some specific cases in which it is justifiable to carry out or request this procedure:

  • When the tree represents danger.
  • When it is impairing mobility.
  • By public involvement.
  • When it comes between works or some construction.
  • When you block the lighting.
  • By arboreal affectation.
  • Due to overturning or falls.
  • Due to the risk of collapse.
  • When the tree has completed its cycle

Under no circumstances should a person without the necessary knowledge and equipment attempt to cut down a tree, even if they have a chainsaw at home and know how to operate it. Only under the cases that we have listed, it is possible to request a logging by professionals..

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