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How to take care of your garden

To enjoy a lush garden with healthy plants full of vitality, it is important to take care of a key aspect of your cultivation: the soil and its compost. Plants, whether indoor or outdoor, grow and feed from the ground, it is their sustenance and the basis of their development. That is why good garden maintenance and knowing when to use fertilizers is essential.

The first thing to keep in mind is that we should not directly use natural soil from the garden as it may not be suitable for the proper development of our plants, as it will not be drained and could potentially damage elements. To find out what type of soil is best for each plant, come to your Verdecora center and let yourself be advised by the Gardening experts when starting your garden.

All gardens, both those with soil plants and those formed from pots and flowerbeds, need regular maintenance, periodic care so that all plants grow healthy. With a basic set-up we will be able to maintain a radiant garden all year round.

Harmful plants, popularly called weeds, are common in outdoor gardens. A regular review every week will avoid greater evils, since it is convenient to uproot them when they are still small. If we cover the surface that surrounds our plants with straw, stones or other natural elements, we will prevent possible weed seeds from getting out.

Irrigation is a basic aspect in the maintenance of any crop, also outdoors. If our area is not humid enough, we will have to ensure that adequate humidity is maintained in the soil and that the plants receive the necessary water. Avoid the hours when the sun is high to water and try to group plants with similar needs to save water, time and effort.

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